Shesh 1 Curtis

Adding Prestige to a Prestigious Name

When Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking wanted a refresh, we were excited to assist this prestigious firm. Their reputation as one of the most well-known and trusted names in mergers and acquisitions for medium-sized banks in the country suggested a prestigious look that also captured their warmth. The resulting work made both companies feel a little […]

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Celebrating a Place Where 55+ Equals Freedom

For many people, senior-living living at Tuscan Village is not an end, but rather a beginning. It’s a place where seniors are finally free to experience a life filled with travel, companionship, community and fun. That made telling this inspiring story mere child’s play.

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Serving A Fresh Alternative to Mexican Cuisine

In a city where Mexican food restaurants are outnumbered only by traffic jams, it’s hard to stand out. Fortunately for discerning Austinites, the Texican Cafe has been doing so for over 25 years. That’s because their El Paso-styled cuisine uniquely combines the flavors of Texas with Old and New Mexico for Austinites starved for a […]

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Feeding Our Appetite for Healthy Treats

The right product. The right place. The right time. That pretty much summarizes the idea behind brand-new, Acai Hut. Their amazing acai bowls offer people a delicious treat that is as good for the body as they are good to eat. And now that we are poised to offer our first brick-and-mortar restaurant in the […]

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How Austin’s Oldest Printer is Powering Our Future

If their nearly 100-year legacy as Austin’s premier printer wasn’t enough, Miller Imaging and Digital Solutions re-invented themselves as a technology provider for our Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) community. Today, they offer everything from Virtual Reality building demos to the most advanced builder’s software available today. We appreciate the partnership with a company with […]

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ATX Nation Website Update September 2017.020

Transforming Lifestyle into Lakestyle

When Rough Hollow Lakeway needed a refresh, we captured the spirit of what makes this an incomparable lake community in a new word – Lakestyle. And as Rough Hollow continues to set the standard and win awards for their remarkable neighborhood, we’ll continue to plan for the day when we can join them as grateful […]

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Rebranding 101: The Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas

For the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas Foundation, success means helping disadvantaged students graduate with the skills to become productive members of society. It’s an important job, so we were honored to assist them in a full rebranding and messaging campaign. It’s not too much to say that being a partner of this organization is providing […]

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Taking Back the Backyard

When you live in a place as beautiful as Austin, Texas, there really isn’t any good reason for you to avoid spending time outdoors. And with Mosquito Authority keeping Austin homes Mosquito-free, Guaranteed, we are proud to help families take back the backyard.

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Where Small Makes a Big Impact

For I-PEX, producing the smallest, most precise and highest-performing connectors in the world is something they are rightly proud of. And we are proud to help them take their story to the world. From imagery, messaging, press releases, sales materials and presentations, our partnership is really big to us.

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A Story Where the Writers are the Stars

Unlike most film festivals, the writers are the stars of the Austin Film Festival. It’s this unique angle that makes AFF such a memorable and influential venue, as writers, producers, actors and directors from around the world gather to share their talents. In a place where words matter most, we are are proud to put […]

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Shaping A Wellness Message

When Serasana created a haven for people to reclaim their bodies, we shaped a branding campaign that challenged the people think about taking control of their health. From connecting Serasana with the local community, making branded videos to even helping them choose wall colors, we have assisted this start-up with every stage of their launch.

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The Art of Changing Your Art

The people of Wexel Arts are transforming the ways we decorate our homes. Their gorgeous frames can be easily changed as your tastes evolve. Tasked with updating their packaging and brochures, we are glad to partner with someone who is making our pictures a little more perfect.

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The Goal was a Winning Message

While being a football team composed entirely of First Responders seems engrossing, the Central Texas Wolf Pack still needed help telling their story. We crafted a fully integrated branding, video and social campaign, and even arranged for an appearance at City Hall to have June 18, 2016, proclaimed as Central Texas Wolf Pack Day. Of course, when you […]

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